Thursday, January 20, 2005

Spider Cat II - Grilling the Spider Cat

Spider Cat has lived up to his name.

I went into the empty kitchen to rinse a glass, and after a moment at the sink I happened to look up. Lo and behold, there was Spider Cat sitting up in the nose bleed seats, specifically in the (fortunately never used) Weber grill briquette pans on top of a kitchen cabinet.

He had obviously gone from the floor to kitchen counter to refrigerator to cabinet top to his seat.

I obviously used the Mist Of Doom on him, although I had to switch firing angles when it appeared he was going to retreat via a eight foot swan dive directly to the floor instead of the safer path he took going up. (He still dove off the refrigerator directly, with no ill effects.)

We have put shake cans all about the kitchen, especially on the top of the refrigerator above the counter.


  1. Many cats do like heights. Is there some high spot he can go without facing the Mist of Doom?

  2. Well, for starters Tiger Tower (the Christmas cat condo) is over six feet high. Bu unfortunately, we don't have room to provide "steps" to any of our numerous six and seven foot bookshelves.