Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pardon the Interruption, Redux

Did you miss us (again)?

This time, a web site outage got Billy and Whitey 3:30 AM cat teaser time. But it wasn't their fault I was up.

A solid power hit at 2:30 AM reminded us just how many UPS protected systems we own.

In our case, we have seven:

  1. Drew's office
  2. Katherine's office.
  3. Living room DVR
  4. Network pantry
  5. Production basement server
  6. Test basement server
  7. Basement network rack

The drill on a power hit in the kitten farm is count to some number larger than sixty and wait for things to return, since the systems aren't hurt by the temporary outage, but then shut things down before the batteries drain (mostly to silence the beeping alarms).

This time Katherine jumped up almost immediately and killed to the two feeping office units (which don't need to be on at night in the first place). I lay awake waiting for power to return, then gave up and trundled down stairs and on to the basement killing things as they went.

As soon as I got to sleep, power came back, and a cell phone woke me up by announcing it was charging again with a happy feep. So I trundled back down stairs and turned on the production systems again, and kicked off backups for good measure.

When all was said and done, I had awake cats who wondered if I cared about the important stuff, like playing with them, so I did. :-) They even got kitty treats for working hard.

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