Monday, August 21, 2006

Someone To Meow Over Me

I think Whitey needs to change his meds. What meds, I don't know, as we don't give him any. But he must be on something. He spent a fair amount of time Sunday meowing and making affectionate rubbing gestures ... 7 feet in the air.

The height did not encourage actually petting him, which was okay because he doesn't want to be petted. He in fact tends to flee if you try to pet him to when he meows at less lofty heights.

At times we think his primary only waking purpose on the bookshelf is to make us think he's about to fall head first to the floor. This does however exclude sleeping, which is his true calling in general and main reason for climbing up there most days.

The flip side of this is that over the course of the Sunday Spidercat kept me in sight most of the day. He watched TV on the couch with me in the morning, and ascended the shelf in the office while I worked in in the afternoon. We did it all again in the evening with our respective places on the couch for some baseball in the early evening, and then back up to our places in the office for more work.

So I'll just have to smile knowing he likes me around, if not too close.

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