Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cozy Kitten

One small feature of the Kitten Farm West is a fireplace in the living room. Mostly we use the room for the television on the mantle, but the fireplace is a nice touch once in a while. It's especially nice because as a glass fronted gas fireplace, it's cat safe unless someone takes a nap leaning against the screen and does a slow roast.

Whitey was curled up in between the coffee table and the fireplace yesterday evening when I sat down to relax after flipping on the fireplace. I stayed around for an hour and watched some TV with the fireplace still going. When the program was over, I looked down at Whitey and realized he had recalibrated for a warmer climate, as per our cat thermometer diagram.

No pictures alas, as I woke up him up calling for the camera, but he enjoyed his evening.

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