Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Places, and the Annual Unhappy Place

In advance of the annual trip to the vet, Katherine pulled out the hard shell cat carriers out a couple of weeks ago. Whitey in particular was suspicious of the carrier, but once enticed in with the door open he decided it was a great nap spot, and he has used it almost every day. Billy also naps in a carrier, although not as often as his brother.

It's enough, as they were both in their cases when Katherine closed the doors yesterday and took the boys on their annual errand. The errand didn't go over well with them (as usual), but the vet was happy to see that both their weights are down -- he says any time a indoor cat doesn't gain weight, it's a win.

(He also says the boys need their teeth cleaned, and that going to pure dry food instead of 50% wet food would be better for the teeth. However, I am not sure they would have a reason to live then - they do love their wet food.)

Despite the Unhappy Place the carriers took the boys, at least Whitey is not holding it against his carrier -- he was napping in it again this morning.

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