Friday, July 15, 2011

Roll Call

A morning checklist at the Kitten Farm:
  • Before breakfast, Oscar charges into Penwiper's room (where months ago Oscar himself was fed) and has to be led out so I can feed the new kid first.  Then it's downstairs to feed all three tigers.
  • After breakfast, a paroled Penwiper needs his morning snuggle.  One overly cuddled fluffy Ninja.
  • While I am brushing my teeth, Billy hops up on the bathroom shower ledge.  An understated petting of our alpha cat results in a gentle but strong purr from the Mighty Hunter.
  • While petting Billy, I feel a firm friendly brush against my legs, and without looking I know it's Whitey.  Rather than chase him down or pick him up, I stroll out to the bed and lift the quilt.  One leap later, the Spidercat is burrowing for a warm safe nap under the covers.
Happy boys.

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