Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cat 54 Where Are You?

On Saturdays when Katherine teaches, I have morning cat valet duties.  This morning, as she is leaving before I get downstairs, she announced ...
"A cat tower is tipped over!" (Oh so that was the bang I had heard.) 
... followed by ...
"There is a a hairball by the couch!"
... and the hits just kept on coming ...
"We have a litterbox miss!"
At this point, I told she was sounding like the theme from Car 54 Where are You?

The fun didn't stop there.

Once I got downstairs, Oscar decided he didn't want to eat on the floor:

Oscar Eating on the Terrace
He hopped up on the counter and expected to be fed there, which is an improvement over his retreating to the front hall stairs to dine.   Life was also made cooler when Penwiper ignored Oscar and vice-versa.

I can tell I took this picture after Billy somehow detected one lonely kibble was trapped under the edge of the toaster oven.  He hopped up to the kitten meal preparation area with the scale -- the green handled Mist Of Doom is where I left it after spraying him.  (Note the SSSCat towers deployed to keep the boys off the food prep areas, namely the island and far counters.  Unfortunately, I had not rearmed them all yet.)

Our downstairs has been restored to order, with Katherine's impromptu punch list handled, the boys fed, the litterbox raked, the laundry room (AKA the litterbox room, top left) swept, and the Litter Locker emptied.

Can I take a nap?

Updated: There were two litterbox misses, I got one Katherine didn't know about.  There was also a second hairball miss on her side of the bedroom that I had no knowledge of.  Fun, fun, fun ..

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