Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photo Weekend Extra: Show Me The Way

As noted, Whitey recently was the first cat in five years to leap to the top of hutch; I dragged the cat tower over to let him down the easy way.

What I didn't mention was that Billy and Penwiper both took the opportunity given by the tower to visit the hutch; this wasn't noteworthy, because a cat tower on the move always draws a crowd.   What is noteworthy is that Penwiper must have learned from the experience -- last night he blasted off to the top of the hutch without help.

Penwiper Does the Hutch on his Own
This was somewhat unexpected but not a complete shock.    Also unexpected was that he didn't wait for a ride down, but instead leaped down to the side table we keep in front of the window for feline bird watching hunting.

Note that dropping 10 pounds 5 feet onto a wooden surface is not a quiet event, even if the 10 pounds knows how to land properly.   I suspect it's enough effort in both directions that Penwiper, like Whitey,  won't do it again soon, although they will each keep the option open.

Update:  I'm wrong, as usual.   Penwiper did it again the following day.

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