Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Penwiper and The Vet, Paw de Deux

After the Caturday Night Vet visit, Penwiper seemed mostly a quiet normal Sunday, except he wasn't eating.  This wasn't a surprise, given the stuff he was pumped full to make him make him vomit.    (Do that to your stomach and see if you want to eat the following day.)

Unfortunately, he still wasn't eating yesterday (Monday).   So it was back to his regular vet at Kenmore Animal Hospital.  The doctor checked Penwiper out, X-rayed him again, and didn't find anything out of sorts.  For example, the bubbles in his digestive tract looked good.  (The things you clutch at when your cat is sick ...) Home PW came.

Penwiper then hid under a table in the library and didn't even come downstairs for dinner.   Not good.  Also, his purr was AWOL, which is truly rare.  I served a private meal for him, with yummy fish flakes on it, and he didn't touch it.   He did say hello to Katherine in her office late in the evening, and that was it.

PW did wander down for breakfast today, but didn't eat.  We served him privately with more fish flakes on it and he still didn't touch it.   The Tiger Trio riot +Katherine Derbyshire almost caused with the flakes is a different story -- but we now know the flakes are still good though.)   So we made an appointment for now (11:30 AM), although we didn't want to, because we both think half his troubles are caused by packing him up and dragging him off to the vet.

Luckily, he didn't go.  Rather, after he had a slightly more active morning with some purring, we served him brunch and he did eat 4 grams.  A normal meal is 20 grams, but anything is fine at this point.

So it's back to watching, petting, and feeding for now.    All that, and letting PW hide under Katherine's futon while he figures out how his snack is sitting.

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