Sunday, June 8, 2014

Feline Cuteness Paralysis

Of all windows in the Kitten Farm West, Whitey is most likely to be found following the world from the laundry room window, especially during the warmer weather when it's open. We'll look for him there as we come home. In fact, we call it The Whitey Window, and will open it just for him if the weather is nice.

Last night, after +Katherine Derbyshire and I watched a movie, she started closing downstairs windows before retiring upstairs for the night.  She got the living room, dining room, and finally headed into the laundry room to close The Whitey Window.  I pointed his likely presence out as she headed in there, and indeed ...
Katherine: Whitey, it's time to close your window so I can go upstairs. 
me: Don't close it.
Katherine: You willing to come down later?
me: Well, I'm going to bed next, so no.   Go ahead.
Katherine (coming out of laundry room): He gave me a cute kitten face.
The window stayed open until Whitey later wandered upstairs, so Katherine had to make an extra trip down.

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