Saturday, June 3, 2017

Whitey and the Cone of Shame

According to our veterinarian, the damage to Whitey's paw was a not another cat, so Penwiper is off the hook (on this one).  Rather, the injury is a triangular flap of skin which was torn by being caught on something. We don't know what he caught it on.

The injury now has three stitches.  Whitey has also two new fashion accessories, courtesy of the vet. The first accessory is a bandage for protecting the stitches, and the second accessory is a classic cone to protect the first accessory from Whitey's teeth.

A subdued Whitey with bandage and cone
Between the funny paw with no traction (he keeps shaking it to get rid of the "stuff" on it) and the cone, Whitey's Cat Physics are seriously screwed up -- he has trouble with the stairs (the chin of the cone catches on each step) and any tight spot. Our Spider-Cat has decided climbing cat trees with only three traction-enabled paws and a big head is pretty much right out. Ditto for visiting his safe place under the futon.

We are taking the cone off for meals (which are supervised anyway); it's just easier for all.

Unfortunately, Penwiper is bothered by Whitey's cone even more than Whitey is.  Much growling by the Dark Lord has occurred.  Thus we've setup the Executive Suite as a safe room for Whitey, although we may throw PW in there instead. That's because Billy knows it's just his littermate with funny collar, and Oscar mostly has ignored Whitey.

("I'm just happy I didn't go to the vet." -- Oscar)

Whitey goes back to the vet on Wednesday to get the bandage changed, and then again on the following Monday to get it removed.

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