Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Billy in the hospital

 [This originally written on Facebook, and is posted retroactively here for posterity.]

Billy's kidney bloodwork came back from the Kenmore Vet. It has landed him a multi-day stay in the hospital.

Like his brother, Billy has long term kidney issues, but multiple indicators have spiked which suggest a UTI has reached his kidneys. Treatment is subcutis fluids and antibiotics at levels we can't give him at home.

Because Kenmore Veterinary Hospital is a daytime operation, we were going to take him to AES Kirkland, but they are short staffed.  Thus, we all got a trip to Emerald City Emergency Clinic down in Wallingford.  

We left Billy there before he got examined, we're waiting for the call with a status update now.

Update: Vet has called.  No new news really.

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