Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Catzilla Coda (all nine lives are precious)

The departure of the Catzilla Brothers left us with a number of things we have no use for in the foreseeable future.  My favorite rescue organization, MEOW Cat Rescue, is closed because of COVID-19, but I asked the right people, and they took a shipment from us.

Today I dropped off:
  •  Two jumbo litter boxes
  •  A box of 1 ml syringes
  •  Food
    •  KD prescription canned food (most of a case)
    •  Non-prescription canned food (most of a case)
    •  Bag of TikiCat Sticks (liquid gravy treats)
  •  For subcutaneous fluids
    •  3 bags Ringer's lactate solution
    •  10 burettes
    •  ~ a dozen needles

All of these items were never used.  (Billy was actually put down before the burettes ordered for him arrived.)

The gift of Billy & Whitey, our first rescue cats, to those still waiting.

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