Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Mighty Hunter

Billy, the master of the chow line, has found something more important than food.

Someone online mentioned of a
Feather Cat Teaser
as the one true cat toy for his cat, and so when we were getting kitty litter I picked one up. Net result:


Is interested in it, a little scared of it at times. At her age, she tires easily, which may be a factor.


Spider-cat acrobatics in full glory as he leaps up and after it. He thinks it's darn near as good as a kitty treat (see below).


12 pounds of Sabertooth tiger; this isn't pleasure, it's business. He makes Whitey seem disinterested, and when Billy latches on to the feather, it takes 30 seconds to a minute of working the line just get it loose again. And he will growl defending it.

Billy is so focused on the feather that even literally dropping cat treats in front of his nose doesn't make him let go of it. (Whitey will dispose of the treat for him, if needed.) When we put the feather away, Billy lies quietly on sentry duty looking at the place he thinks it roosted, waiting for it to take flight again.

And we do put it away, because Billy would chase it until he collapsed.

Nice to know Billy is on our side.

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