Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Second Verse of a Solo Piece

Day was mostly quiet as I continue to hold down the fort.

During the day, I left the upstairs windows open in the cooler clear weather; I am sure both the windows and the weather itself were improvements over Monday for the felines. Nothing interesting appeared to happen while I was working.

The evening was not as quiet. I found that a withdrawn Emily had left brown liquid goo on the closet floor. I think she threw up, a small chance it came out the other end. I think her lack of purring bothered me more.

Then at 4:30 AM, Billy wanted company. Again. Even phyiscally bringing him upstairs didn't quiet him. Finally Whitey wandered downstairs, and I think they played soccer for a while.

This morning Emily was more cheerful; I got some gentle purrs and a few head butts during breakfast.

I also got a minor litterbox miss downstairs and some spilled (clean) litter in the upstair hall, neither of which is worth thinking about it.

Now Whitey is meowing at the ceiling. Anyone got a copy of a Tiger <--> English dictionary?

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