Thursday, July 7, 2005

Top This! (A Daily Stench Three-for-one)

~ 5:30 AM Billy raids the clothes racks in the bedroom closet. No damage, but we're both awake and Katherine stumbles out of bed to check on things (and to implicitly shoo Billy off the racks).

~ 5:40 AM Fall back asleep.

5:55 AM Wake up to Emily retching. Both Katherine and I struggle to step up to the plate and clean up the mess. I complete POST first and let a relieved Katherine collapse back into bed.

5:58 AM I warn Katherine before I turn on the main lights to seek visual clues to what we already got on audio.

6 AM While looking for current results of Emily's retching, I find an already dry one. Clean that up too.

6:02 AM Kill bedroom lights, close door while I clean up the main event in the hall.

6:05 AM Done cleaning; get morning paper, grab more paper towel for any upstairs messes to be named later, take morning paper into bathroom.

6:10 AM Exit bathroom.

6:11 AM Discover strong smell of cat urine in bedroom; discover lake buried in kitty litter which wasn't there at 5:58 AM.

6:13 AM Katherine chooses to not fight fashion and rises to clean this latest mess. I get her glasses and head downstairs to get spare litterbox rug and cleaning bucket.

6:15 AM While retrieving bucket, discover smell of cat dung in dining room. Trace to minor (but smelly) miss of litterbox.

6:18 AM Deliver upstairs cleaning supplies, open window to prevent choking on cat urine.

6:20 AM Reverse course to clean up dining room mess.

6:30 AM Katherine completes upstairs clean up, dumps dirty mat on back porch until she's awake.

~ 6:31 AM on Cats take turns meowing for morning attention. We let them live.

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