Saturday, October 8, 2005

New and interesting stenches

Cat urine in the bathroom? What's up with that? We haven't had a mistake outside of the immediate litterbox areas in more than a year. Best I can figure is the one of the boys managed to get trapped in there. There's a doorstop to keep the door from swinging closed, but they've shown they can pry it loose if they try.

Emily's digestion seems to be especially vulnerable to stress, as she showed this morning. She tossed up her tummy medicine and the treat I gave her along with it, for no reason I can see except frustration with stupid humans who don't speak cat.

In other news, the monthly weigh-in puts Whitey at 13.0 pounds, Billy at 15.5 pounds, and Emily at 6.5 pounds. That puts all three of them down a half-pound since last month, which seems as likely to be due to scale flakiness as anything else.

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