Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wasting Time (or more exactly, Waste Product Time)

The expanding scope of new problems is getting old.

We had another solid mess up against the wall in the litterbox closet caused by Emily. We don't know exactly what she is protesting.

We also (we think) Emily threw up in the hall, it looked vaguely like a hairball to Katherine. I wasn't sure, but I was sure I wasn't gonna dissect it.

As result of the litterbox rejection, we're considering moving the hall box into the closet. Our previous plan was to retire the hall box completely, it doesn't get used much where it is, and is in the way. Either plan requires teaching the cats the hall litterbox is now in the closet, so yesterday evening the box moved the length of the hall to outside the bedroom door. It will make another jump in a day or two.

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