Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Wreck of The Edmund FitzFountain

We caught Whitey disassembling one of the fountains and figured out how he does it. He reaches over the top of the cover, hooks his claws over the edge, and pulls. This keeps his paws from getting wet in case he forgets to unplug the fountain first.

Once that's done, it's easy for Billy to grab the filter. We haven't figured out how they manage to pull the reservoir out -- essentially a big plastic bottle -- but it was in the middle of the dining room floor this morning.

The boys were in fine form in other ways this morning, too. There are two entrances to our front hall, one from the dining room and one from the living room. Both boys went charging toward the hallway cat tower, one through each entrance. They both leaped at the same time... and collided in mid-air. No harm done, and Billy even recovered quickly enough to seize the high ground in the tower.


  1. It should be noted that last time the boys opened up the fountain, I rotated it 90 degrees (now pointed away from the wall) so Whitey couldn't stand behind it. This appears to have not slowed him down.
    Also worthy of note is that addition to the downstairs mayhem, Whitey was in fine form upstairs too. The highlight was when I went to shower and there was a cat in my tub. Then there wasn't (he was all the way at the opposite end of the house), and then were was again. He bumped into me jumping out the second time, otherwise he might still be at it.

  2. You need to set up security cameras all over the house just so you can keep the tape of episodes like the midair collision.