Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Finally Found a Home (part 1)

We noted sometime ago the boys were tipping the kitchen wastebasket over, and that it needed to be replaced. The basket was indeed replaced, with a nice steel one in a half moon shape (which, consistent with our kitchen, matches nothing else). It's bigger, heavier, and very stable with a flat top.

Which makes it a prime place for a cat to jump up on, in this case, Billy. I spent a month chasing him off it, but he liked it ... a lot. We discussed it, and decided since the basket is quite stable, he's on it, not in it, and there are no food preparation surfaces near by, he was allowed to visit it.

So we lined up a few shake cans on top of the microwave which overlooks the basket, and Billy has a new spot in the kitchen. He likes it, and we actually like it too - it lets him watch us in the kitchen (which he would do any way) from a spot out of the way where we can't step on him.

He's easily petted here, too.

If I could only figure out how to get trash into the basket without disturbing him ...

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