Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Not So Daily Stench

Billy did one of his semi-famous visits to the kitchen pantry litter box last night around dinner. Unfortunately, the visits attain fame because we have to clean up after them.

Basically, he thinks he should stand across, not with, the long side of the box. Since he's long enough to reach up and peek over the edge of a dining room table, this means even with the huge box (you could immerse a VW Beetle in one of our litter boxes) sometimes he ... overshoots. Which he did last night; he very carefully dug a couple of different holes in the litter, and then he sprayed half his output over the edge.

Fortunately, he didn't miss the cat paper.

It really is worthy of note (to us at least) that this is the first problem we've had in two weeks or so. We can deal with that.

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