Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gray's Anatomy

Yesterday, I took The Gray Mouser (TGM) to the vet. All sorts of small questions are answered:
  1. He is a neutered male.
  2. He is about two years old
  3. He does have not a chip. :-(
  4. He has a clean bill of health.
  5. He is a very good patient.
No one at the veterinarian recognized him, either. Alas.

He's the most stoic cat I know, and I lived with Her Emilyness for two years. He didn't complain when he was put in the cat carrier, and he only gave one small meow in each direction in the car. At the same time, he wasn't frozen with fear when let out at each end either -- he hopped out, looked around, and didn't complain when I gently kept him on the exam table.

His shots are now updated, and he has been dewormed as a precaution. We're also going to keep him from away from the Catzilla brothers for a week in case he has any respiratory ailments he needs to get over without sharing. That's fine, as it allows him to settle into part of the house without the glare of the boys.

If we don't find his owner and he adjusts to both the boys and living indoors, he'll go back for booster shots and a chip in 3-4 weeks.

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