Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Gray Mouser Goes House

Whitey is not sure what's behind the door. No wonder, because he's never experienced this before -- a new cat in the house.


Behind the door is the lost cat we posted about. He has since acquired the title The Gray Mouser; he's clearly the former, and he's demonstrated the latter.

The Mouser was rescued out of the rain by Katherine at my request. We had already tried this once this morning and failed when he had a vet appointment.

We'll get another appointment for him ASAP. We need three pieces of information:
  1. Who is he? (Does he have a chip?)
  2. How healthy is he? (Can we let him near the boys?)
  3. What kind of cat is he? (Indoor, outdoor? He? She?)

Update: The Gray Mouser sees the vet at 11 am Wednesday (today)

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