Saturday, July 31, 2004

Crazy from The Heat Redux

One fun night, when the weather by itself made it hard to sleep.

It was hot yesterday during the day, and after sleeping all day (okay, they do that when it's cool, too) last night the cats took crazy from the heat to new levels. Had I known when I went to bed, I would booted the boys and barred the door.

It was almost surreal, because for example Whitey never visits by the light of the moon, but he did several times last night. Likewise, Emily can't be chased from her habitat, but she fled last night.

As it was, after an initial 1:15 AM Cat Fu session we had at least two more, plus four or five single visits of kittens curling up in kitty furnance mode, and at least two rumbles between one of the boys and Emily.

It was way too much excitement.

[Later ... be sure to read Katherine's comments on the excitement.]

1 comment:

  1. Even more surreal than that, actually...
    Wake up with kitten curling up next to me. Think, wow, that's really cute. Could you come back in January? Roll over, go back to sleep.
    Wake up again to discover that one napping kitten has turned into two wrestling kittens. Boot them both out of bed. Roll over, go back to sleep.
    Wake up with kitten walking over me to get to the middle of the bed to curl up...
    Repeat until dawn. Enter Emily, hungry.