Saturday, July 10, 2004

Daily Stench Double Feature

The string of boring litter box reports was broken far too soon.

Mid-morning, we found that a cat had urinated in our empty laundry baskets ~ 2 feet from the open and closed litterboxes in Emily's suite.

This afternoon, we found that a cat had dumped and barely missed the downstairs litter box. Fortunately, the cat in question no longer had diarraha, and we had put down newspaper which caught most of it.

The downstairs box was just swapped for the (topless) bottom of a covered box. I wonder if the added height (even sans top) caused the cat to not want to go into it?

Also, Katherine just got on a plane for San Francisco; I'm the 24 hour cat valet for the next five + days.

1 comment:

  1. I'm pleased to see that you have recognized your place in the scheme of things already re. the "valet". After all, dogs have owners, cats have personnel, and I can see from the entries in this blog that they have done a fine job beginning your training from utter novice to well-trained can-opener... OR ELSE. *lol*
    Having an occasional "missing" cat myself, I also soon bought a covered litter box, but still put kitchen towels in front of the open end to catch the occasional accident. Recently, accidents have happend more frequently and I finally figured out it was because I had changed the litter (how could I!).
    However, with Emily, it may be that she just is a solitary cat and will react to company with accidents all over the place as a form of protest. In that case, there wouldn't be much more to do than giving her to another person or family to care for, where she can be the Queen.
    Anyway, cudos and thank you for both of you for rescuing three cats from the animal shelter, and may the rewards far outweigh the pains. I know they do for me.