Sunday, August 15, 2004

Food, Glorious Food!

Friday night we upgraded the cat's dinners, adding a spoonful of canned cat food to each dish. It was an instant hit with all three felines. We'll be gradually adding more until most of their evening meal is canned.

However, it's good that Emily doesn't read; she ordered anchovies and we servered chicken and rice.

I realize the dry IAMS we feed them is properly balanced, but I know I would not want to exist on only MRE's.

(Meals Ready To Eat -- three lies In one name)


  1. Canned food? Too high maintenance for this household. What I can't figure out is why our cats go into their wind-their-way-around-your-legs-until-they-trip-you mode every time we open a can since they have never been fed from cans. Must be an instinctive gene that has evolved in cats in the last fifty years.

  2. Because it's food, glorious, food, and they know THAT because they, being mighty hunters, can smell it!

  3. Canned food has never passed Millie's lips (do cats have lips?). She never comes running when we open a can of food. She never tries to eat people food. Heck, she won't even eat cat treats. The only variety she's had in her diet since she switched from kitten formula to adult is when we accidentally bought the hairball formula instead of the regular.