Monday, August 30, 2004

Wanted: Kitchen Staff with Feline Reflexes

I got some feline feedback on being a short order cook.

Both last night and this morning I needed extra time for serving up the boy's meal. Both times, an impatient Spider-Cat decided I needed help.

Last night he hopped up on the small sideboard where I was dishing canned food out.

This morning he managed to look absolutely both innocent and curious while leaping up on the dining room table where I had the kitten dry food open. Never mind that Whitey's presence on the dinning room table is an instant Mist of Doom offense. He looked absolutely like he belonged there -- after all, his meal was involved, and his focus was on that. I could only roll my eyes for several seconds, and only after he showed no intention of leaving, I finally misted him.

Katherine has a stepped up mission to get the cats off the table and kitchen counters and keep them down. Good luck to her (err, us).

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  1. It's possible. I'm one of those people who gets horribly annoyed by a begging, whining cat who winds with your calves like crazy while you're trying to open the can. In our first appartment, I never allowed Eph into the kitchen, because that's where the rabbits resided, so we never had that problem with her on the counters from the get-go. In the now appartment, I know she checked out everything, even the counters, in the first night, but the appartment is so small that I have a bad conscience not allowing her access to everything. At feed time, though, she is to remain outside the kitchen while I dish out her food. If she isn't, instant Mist of Doom, since that works so much better than yelling. And yes, cat can learn to wait outside, even when the door is open.